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Korean SAAM acupuncture

A qualified practitioner and lecturer of SAAM acupuncture

One of common style that jenny practice is the Korean SAAM acupuncture, which is one of the original therapeutic modalities representing traditional Korean medicine with its unique treatment method that differs from China and Japan.

SAAM acupuncture has selected points of tonification and sedation of five shu points that influences each meridian and follows the traditional concepts of Yin-Yang, five elements, Zang fu (viscera and bowels), Qi and meridian.

One of the interesting aspects of SAAM acupuncture is considering the meridian as "the pathway of consciousness and emotions". Comprehending this statement is quite in-depth but to put it simply, consider meridian as the roadmap of our body. Due to our fluctuating emotions (could be worries, stress or sadness) and habits the flow of Qi on the road might get excess, weak, hot, cold, blocked and etc.

By understanding which emotions are carried in each meridian, we may be able explain your condition in different prospective and free flow the meridian that is affected.

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